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Here at Alongside we work our buns off, but we play hard too, with an annual company overnight trip, daily family meals, and so much more. If you’re looking for a fulfilling, rewarding, and really fun career, you’re in the right place.

More than a Pay Check!

Yes we do pay you! But we think your job needs to be about more than just a pay check. We spend nearly a third of our life working so you want to make sure it's helping you to grow as a person, allowing you to have fun and provides a few perks too.

Money, Money, Money

Money worries is one of the top two stresses we face as human beings (and the top reason for divorce!). We want to help you to reduce that stress by providing you with the skills to better manage your money. Get rid of your debt and have all of your cash in your control so you can travel, buy a house and get ready for retirement ( yes some of us are old enough to be thinking about that.)

Be the Best You can Be

We have ongoing personal development in place for every team member. By this we mean life skills that will take our team where ever they want to go. With regular team meetings we cover off everything from 'body language' to 'appreciation languages' and how to get in the right frame of mind to do anything! What's more you will get one on one coaching from our leadership team to help you move towards your personal goals.

 Kai (Family Food)

Gotta put fuel in the engine to keep it moving so we make sure you get feed every day. Grab a meal every day between 4 and 5pm regardless of whether you are working that day or not and enjoy the fun and food that goes with being part of our restaurant family. And yes you do have to eat your veges just like Mum used to say just ask Eddie next time you see him! 

Hop, Skip, Jump

Science tells us that being fit & healthy helps us in every part of our lives so we have an early morning boot camp. You don't have to join us but it's a whole lot of fun. If Gayle a grandmum of 7 can do it, you can do to! Throughout the year we grab local yoga and muay thai instructors to come work us out for a little bit of a change. Plus we have an awesome rate at our local Full Service Gym, Bay of Islands Fitness Hub, just for our crew. 

Sharing the Love

Once you are part of the family we just know you are going to want to share the love with your family & friends. To make this a little easier on your pocket we offer you (and your significant other) from 30% to 50% any purchases you make in house or at Alongside. It will make that next round on you just that bit sweeter knowing we are looking after up to half of the bill.

Moving on up

Want to know how to earn more or where you are going in the restaurant? We have a simple to understand structured pathway that shows you how to make more. With constant training, upskilling you on the latest technology and external courses. We will help you develop from a team member into a leader with a clear pathway to success whether it be internally or onwards to find your next goal.

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